Dining with Doug and Karen (general)

Friend and comedian Tony Camin join Doug and Karen to eat some delicious egg sandwiches from LA's own EggSlut truck!

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It's DRINKING with Doug and Karen! They and special guest DC Pierson bring their favorite drinks and share!

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Doug and Karen enjoy some dishes from Cinefamily members at a potluck before one of Doug's shows! And Becky Reams stops by to say hi and share some delicious food!

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Wolvesmouth returns and cooks some delicious new meals for Doug, Karen and special guest Lisa Loeb!

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Paleo-chef Stephanie Potter makes some delicious AND healthy food for Doug, Karen and special guest Brian Posehn!

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Iris Lee, owner of Float in Pasadena, brings some delicious sandwiches and sodas for Doug, Karen and special guest Matt Mira!

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Andy Windak returns and this time he cooks a special vegan menu for us and our special guest Sarah Silverman!

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Becky Reams is back with more amazing food! And Kumail Nanjiani sits in with Doug and Karen to enjoy the meals Becky has prepared for everyone!

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Special guest Ali Wong sits down with Doug and Karen to some fine dining of hot dogs! And Los Angeles's own Wien Truck provides the very special hot dogs!

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The hilarious Paul F. Tompkins joins Doug and Karen to enjoy some meals by Jonathan Peters! And our friend Cake Boss might even make an appearance...

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